School Profile

Smt. H.M. Nanavati English High School offers the day schooling from Nursery to Grade 10. It offers ICSE curriculum and it is co-educational English medium school. The school encompasses an impressive campus, speckled with the various facilities that exemplify an excellent infrastructure.

Smt. H.M. Nanavati English High School is under Nava Samaj Mandal Trust which is one of the leading educational institutions of Vile Parle. The foundation stone was laid by the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri B. G. Kher and the school building was inaugurated by the former President of India, Shri Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Over these sixty four years, the trust has acquired a status of being the most respectable institution for its unique features under various parameters.

Our faculty members are highly experienced and qualifies as per the norms. All the members of staff play an important role in administering the diverse academic activities to develop the all round personality of the students.

President Message

“It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to Institutions of Nava Samaj Mandal(NSM) trust. The trust has been making a significant contribution to the society for past sixty four years by spreading value based education keeping balance between heritage and modern educational practices. The trust is committed to inculcate and foster confidence, discipline, and strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders in students.”

Principal’s Message

A warm welcome to the established entity of Nava Samaj Mandal’s S.H.M.Nanavati English High School where we cater the educational need of our students with the harmonious and unique blend of Science and Spirituality, Traditional Approach and Modern Technology. The curriculum of the School focuses on strengthening the listening, thinking and comprehension skills of the learners. The school provides value based education which focuses on holistic development of the students.

Driven by our mission toward ‘Quality Education’, Smt. H.M.Nanavati School always strives to provide more and more opportunities to our young students to excel in life by developing not only academic excellence but also fostering the right values of dedication, commitment and discipline creating civic responsibility and building global competencies in a dynamic environment. The vision of the management, dedication of the staff, co-operation of the parents and creativity of the students are vital elements of our success.

With an excellent and robust infrastructure along with committed teachers and the staff, I am confident of overall growth and development of the student transmitting a positive outlook to its fullest form. We put our best efforts to provide them the best of technology and science to pursue the new horizons of achievements. The school ensures a persisting and appropriate approach of these vital quotients in students i.e. Intelligence quotient, Emotional quotient and Personality quotient.

“Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram”, the guiding principle of the school implies the truth, the Godliness and the beauty. We strive to do each and everything in this spirit to endeavour to transform students into wining personalities and perfect human beings.

Principal, H. M. Nanavati School